#21: Burnout for Designers: Recognizing the Signs and Creating Space for Inspiration

Feeling uninspired, unmotivated, or like a total imposter when it comes to your current design assignment?

In this episode, Monique & Jessica discuss the signs of burnout and get vulnerable with their own stories, struggles, and failures. They share methods to overcome burnout, like taking breaks, traveling, or simply asking for help.

Recognize burnout signs like exhaustion, cynicism, and imposter syndrome; contributors share personal stories of burnout triggers ranging from major life events to simple lack of inspiration. They outline holistic coping strategies from boundaries and self-care to community support and changing scenery. 

Action Items

  • Recognize subtle early warning signs like cynicism before reaching exhaustion stage of burnout
  • Implement self-care routines that provide mental space – exercise, gardening, meditation etc.
  • Seek community support through groups understanding creative roles and burnout issues
  • When uninspired, change scenery or project rather than forcing output

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