#19: Navigating Disagreement: When Clients Dislike the Design

It’s the moment of truth—the design reveal! But the client hates it! How do you handle the criticism and feedback on your design?

Join co-hosts Monique and Jessica on The Design Imposter Podcast for an insightful discussion on handling client feedback. 

In this episode, we delve into the complexities of dealing with clients who are not satisfied with a design. 

Learn how to differentiate between constructive criticism and personal taste, negotiate design changes while maintaining professional integrity, and when it’s necessary to stand your ground on design elements. 

This conversation offers valuable strategies for effective communication and understanding in the challenging yet rewarding world of design. 

Tune in for an episode that’s as educational as it is relatable for designers navigating client relationships.

Action Items

  • Present clients with multiple design options
  • Ask clarifying questions to understand dislikes
  • Compromise on some elements while sticking to core design principles
  • Educate clients on best practices and when requests might detract from effectiveness
  • Don’t include designs you’re not proud of in portfolio

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